Print Is Dead, Long Live The Mass Media

The media is the main source of visual stereotypes. Even “objective” news sources sneak in a little bias here and there.

“Your words have weight. Your words can build people up and your words can tear people down. Your words can give someone the gift of mutual understanding, but your words can damage someone who is vulnerable.” –

To say that times have changed is an understatement. The need to rethink oft-used theories and paradigm has become more necessary not so much to fully grasp the world of mass media as the need to survive stay indispensable. I hope that my fellow Communication students aware  of this. I think we are looking at the end of the mass media, as we know them, and their reinvention as communication forms of the Internet. Everything, however, changed with the Internet. The complex system of communications has permanently altered the terrain of the mass media. What online publications have achieved is to put an end to the one-way flow of opinion and ideas that has been the hallmark of the traditional mass media. Perhaps, more significantly, the Internet has given every member of the public a chance to publish or broadcast his/her own ideas. The personal computer and the Internet democratized that power, thus ending the control of the mass media as a source of social and political power. As GMA News pointed us to think before we click. A new medium is indeed upon us, and, as with early forms of mass media, its long-term social value ultimately rests upon responsible and restrained use by its owners.




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