If These Kids Could Speak

The clouds were not that clear as we continue our ride going to High Street. Though it was a holiday, observing the usually busy avenue were piles of vehicles stuck in bumper to bumper scenario every day. I was slightly amazed ‘cuz I expected bad traffic condition–worst traffic condition as I may say. Regardless on the celebration of Eid’l Fitr, it is not new to me that every single day Carmageddon is rampant.

When we get there it was still a gloomy day but somehow Mr. Sun is gazing over us making us felt that he will be there in just a few hours. While I wait for my friend/classmate/photographer to come out from the restroom, I was thinking that I should have brought my knitted pullover with me. ‘Cuz it was a bit cold here made by the off-summer breeze. After a couple of minutes of being with my own company she’s finally done with her retouching.

So we went for a ramble to find some recently painted murals. Along the way it was getting hot. Mr. Sun is peeking behind the cotton-candy-like clouds. It was a sigh of relief for me. The weather is with us–perfect time to have photographs. Moving along as we find ourselves near the Basement 2, we spotted numerous of photo-hobbyists taking pictures somewhere along the car park. Out of curiosity, we make our way to see what mural are they up to. I was caught in surprise, grinning from ear to ear that it’s the mural I am looking for. As we wait for them to disappear, in my head I am starting to plan for my poses. When they were all gone, I hurriedly went to the mural and start owning it. As I strike a pose, Janella went for it. Different angles, various positions. We stayed until I am satisfied enough for the shots we had. And I think this was it–me sitting beside the flower girl.


Then, we shiftlessly saunter heading to the next mural. To one of the rebel kids of High Street–the Brave Moppet as I call it. I don’t know exactly where was it  located but I think it is near the store of American Eagle (correct me if I am wrong). So, I did what I does best, to do unending poses.


When we’re through, we walk for a bit to get to the 28th Street and slaked our hungry appetite at Jamba Juice. While we’re eating I look at all the photos we had. I pause for a moment to think that “what if these kids could speak?” What would they tell me? What would they say to all the people who wants to have photos with them? Are they happy, overwhelmed, annoyed or they’ll gonna express their got-used-to-it faces? I laugh over this thought repeatedly.

But seriously if they really can say something to me. Would the girl with the flower background reminds me to keep-off the flowers and do not sit on them because they might die. How about the Brave Moppet, is he going to tell me to distance myself when taking photo with the bear or don’t lean back on the wall along with my other foot ‘cuz I might stained the clean backdrop. How fanciful am I to think of these random ideas.

BUT only one thing is for sure, those people who painted the empty walls of High Street clearly wants to beautify the place and for the people like me to have their amazing photographs taken. To all the BGCitizen, let’s keep the walls free from dirt and unnecessary marks. Do not vandalize anywhere. Let us keep it the way it was.


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