Fish Out Of The Water

I have seen a lot of movies that talks about relationship and not being able to make their relationship lasts because of miscommunication. The film I am about to share some bits of it to all of you is also about relationship but most likely not the romantic-kind-of-film themed movie. It focuses on Kitai, played by Jaden Smith, and his search of a signal to reach their fellows on their planet. And to tell them that they both, together with his father General Cypher, played by Will Smith, survived the aircraft crash. Not to mention that they are not from Earth so the place is foreign for them that even adds up to their adversity.

With their situation I think that it is the worst form of culture shock. The time when you realize that you don’t really have an identity because you can’t communicate who you are to the natives. In my 19 years of being a part to this very media saturated world compared to the world where Kitai and General Cypher lives without any advance technology or any media tools and it really made think about how different it is to shape your identity in a world based entirely on interpersonal communication versus a mediated world.

Their condition on earth is important to the people they left back home. Not just because General Cypher holds a high-ranking position on their kingdom but because they have a family that loves them and are now worried for them. How difficult it is for those who are left behind without any information to cling to. In a similar way to the both of them trapped here on earth they never stop thinking about the welfare of their family. Information is vital to everyone. It flows through a medium that actually mediate relationships. So, when information is gone, relationship changes.

Our lives today have been drastically changed so suddenly. ICT is everywhere we look, we get to interact with it every day often without being aware that it is there on our homes, schools, on the place where you shelled out an obscene amount of money for those clothes, shoes and gadgets. Or in the place where you work to get paid in order for you to satisfy your lavish living.

With General Cypher’s state of health, he send Kitai on a journey to get the gadget which is located at the tail of their aircraft. Unfortunately, their vehicle wrecked by the massive landing they had that sends the different part into unlikely places. That gizmo is essential to send signals to their planet’s command center. Pouring their last hope on that device.


Amidst all the difficulties Kitai was able to get the device and finally they can now transmit signals to the celestial body on which they live. It was clearly a handiwork of technology. Having that technological device he is now able to store, find, send and receive data. It helps him to make communication a lot quicker and easier.



As I type these words for my blog, new kinds of technological devices are being created and now some of the brains of this “techy world” are developing their products. If we really want to grasp the essence of creating new technologies, worrying that it might change our world in the future, we need to look first on how it has shifted our world already. If I want to I can create these hi-tech gadgets and so do you. Everybody is eager to produce the newest and biggest things you ought to be. As we have seen the avenues of communication between people they have opened up considerably as technology has advanced. Since information travels fast, we have the chance to respond and influence people quickly and effectively aside from direct communication. Technological advances have had a radical effect in many other areas as well.

Information, Communication and Technology produces powerful tools. But with what Spider-Man said “with great power comes with great responsibility” this means that we can evaluate and critically understand all information we receive and we send to the internet world. It is on our fingers, mouth and mind on how to be responsible. It is on ourselves.


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