Not A Virtual Virtuoso

But I do know this…

On this day and age, no one can deny the impact of technology on ourselves. Most definitely, you, at this very moment reading my blog. Truly, the power of this electricity-powered machines is insurmountable, how far we have become is brought to us by this “megaweapon.” Looking up to those tycoons, I don’t believe them overlooking the powerful effect of these machines that undeniably brought their businesses to success.

“No man is an island,” but in this case, the man is the computer. Like right now you are using your computer monitors or maybe you rented it on some hot and humid and fetid internet cafe that enables you to read my blog or helps you to view my report on ICT class that I made using PowerPoint presentation which includes more than 15 slides (hoping that it won’t bore you). And that mouse or touchpad we’re using to browse through Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome seeking for answers on our endless schoolwork. This arrangement of buttons or keys that whenever we press it corresponds to a symbol predominantly used for doing assignments or poetry or novels or blogs via Microsoft Word, for us to send or state clearly what we meant, but most of the time misread by many. When we’re done typing those melancholic poetry typewritten on those blank sheets of paper, sudden feeling of dissatisfaction kicks in, we want to feel it on our bare hands so we’re going to print it out and experience the fruit of our dreariness. Those blaring speakers with bass and treble features on it that accompany us when we’re brokenhearted or euphoric, those music that we listen on iTunes, on that which exudes soothing sounds that heals our shattered souls. Remembering those movie marathons you had using Windows Media Player watching The Fault In Our Stars with your special someone beside you, crying tirelessly while Hazel spoke beautifully on the podium for Gus’ pre-funeral eulogy.


Technically, choosing the best hardware and software is a decision we will make, it may increase our productivity or performance based entirely on the computer hardware or software we have. You need to be fully aware of new technological advances for you to go through the motions of this era.


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