Limitless Boundaries

In today’s interconnected world, unquestionably, the indomitable presence of Information, Communication and Technology today is something we never expected. It is with the widespread and essence of the advances in modernizing the world we’re after. Nothing is really constant but change. Indeed, we all know the use of it, on how much it is useful for everyone today. But also it has flaws like everything and everyone have. It is easy and quick to access the web with the help of internet connection in the 21st century but I am not talking about the Philippines. We are ranked 107 on all Asian countries before India which is on the bottom rank. Information, Communication and Technology do not always has great impact on life but also provided some bad impact.

Generally, it empowers individuals such as students like me, office workers and public officials. It actually promotes change on my education, on the working environment of blue and white-collar workers. On the part of workers and tax-paid officials, regardless of time and place, they can accumulate hot and fresh issues and information about that has something to do with their work terrains. It unknowingly makes them more collaborate; conference meetings and meeting with other businessmen and public officials. The use of Information, Communication and Technology for them is vital for it is flexible for busy people like them. It offers them wide range of information, enhances and extends the possibilities of success. But on the other hand it does not always give a factual data. People tends to rely more on the information they get on the web which is not accurate. But whose to say which is which, right? So, they keep doing it not knowing that it causes them much problem in the future.

Particularly transforms my education style now that I’m on college it is very much helpful to us; smart solutions through e-learning. It is now part of  every student’s daily lives. Back then when my mom is in need of searching for some medical-related topics on her research she used to visit libraries looking for heavy and dusty books but on my generation I have my laptop with me. Then: Library. Now: Laptop. One of my reason why I never go to libraries nowadays is to save time and not waste all of it for scanning myriad of books arranged accordingly on the shelves.

With the laptop and the web, I have the access on the world of knowledge beyond the walls of my room. I have the limitless information on my fingertips. 

But to think that I may have lost the substance of living. I don’t get to experience smelling the distinctive scent of the books on the library, sharing ideas with my friends while reading together and doing the same schoolwork, putting great effort on finding which book to read that resonates us, saving electricity and freeing the overloaded sockets at home and letting it rest for a while and walking along with your friends on the way to the library and laughing endlessly. My reasons of seeing life may seem small or insignificant to you but these little things are the one’s that creates big impact on our lives and attitudes, as well. Are we going to exchange the value of real life chats rather than online communication? Relationship deteriorates, individual become less confident on socializing and workers becoming more irresponsible. Information, Communication and Technology is now part of our social system that integrates meaningful communication. But we have to be careful when using it. Be wise. It’s not what technology does to us, it is what we do with it. At the end we are the still one’s that controls everything. It is on our fingers, it is on our hands and level of thinking — the limitless boundaries of future.


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