Greatest Game Changer

‘What is the most significant change you have seen in the world in the last 10 years?’

That was the question thrown to Maxine Medina last Miss Universe pageant held here in the Philippines. If I were to answer the same question I would justify it like this; change is inevitable. And so does the way we communicate. The biggest change is the way we interact with the help of the social media and the technological advancements. As our technology advances, I’ve seen significant change as well to the hype of social media. We became more socially aware of what was happening in our world. We are now more able to express our feelings, our rights, share our knowledge, our ideas, our opinions in different issues of our society, regardless of our race, faith and beliefs. It is hard to imagine a world without these in today’s society for it helps us in a lot more variety of purposes.

It used to be so simple back then.Written correspondence  delivered by hand from one person to another was the earliest  method of communication over long distances. Over many centuries, this systems became much more widespread and organized. It is still widely used today, though. But thanks to technological advancements there are other faster ways to communicate with our loved ones over thousands of miles away. It seems that Information and Communication Technology pave the way on how we run our life in the most convenient way possible. Communication media skyrocketed grandly and it implies that now everyone can talk to everyone about everything all the time – it serves as the connection to friends, family and strangers.


Communication is changing and technology is responsible for the way we interact and communicate. Don’t let it get in the way we value the essence of our social skills. Never let it unable us to carry a normal conversation with people or restraint us from interacting with our loved ones just because we are dependent on our communication media.


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