A Book Review: Fifty Shades Darker


E.L. James has been very creative in writing this book. The flow of the story promised so much and was able to deliver beyond my expectation. I like the end of this book… it’s romantic.

Christian Grey’s transition from the dominant one to the good guy. Taylor (his bodyguard) is right about one thing, Grey is a good man. He is sweet, caring and he did not treat Anastasia as a submissive one anymore, fearing he might lose her again. Though he’s still bossy but with Anastasia’s presence, he changed to a better person. Facing his own demons just to get the girl he want to spend for the rest of his life. He did love Anastasia.

On the other hand, Anastasia still wants to know more about Christian. Discovering he had an awful childhood experience, leaving him broken and traumatized. There’s a reason why he treats women particularly brunettes like slaves and afraid of being touched without his permission. The reason is just sad, and I feel bad for him.

I think I know why some girls are crazy for him, not that I’m fond of him. He is definitely better in this book (for me).

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