A Book Review: Where She Went


If I Stay, while I flew through it, I had problems with it. With the characters or the plot whatsoever, in my review I had stated a lot of flaws that I encountered with the book.

And I read its sequel, Where She Went.

All problems that I had noted in its predecessor were gone by the second book. Its as if Gayle Forman read my review and took it off from there.

Where She Went took a turn and used Adam’s POV in telling the story. It took place three years after the events of If I Stay. The writing style is beautiful and the plot holes and questions of If I Stay(it ended in a cliffhanger) were answered here and I was very satisfied with that.

One of my problems with the first book was a sense of disconnect. The author used memories of Mia to help us empathize with her character but it didn’t work for me. What made me lose that connection was the choppiness of the plot and the absence, truly, of emotion within the set of characters.

Well this book was REDEMPTION. I felt more dread in Adam’s story rather than Mia’s in If I Stay. I was really emotionally connected to him. I felt exactly like him, I felt his pain and hopelessness towards Mia’s decisions. I think this is what the author wanted us to feel in If I Stay. Just a study of grief, loss, despair, hopelessness. Not only that but the execution was great and it was beautifully tied up.

So this book basically concentrates on the aftermath feelings of the events of the first book. This is not more of the plot, but more character driven and on the emotional strength of the character voices.

I also love how everything unfolded and was tied up. It ended neatly, no plot holes, and it was a very realistic ending considering the views on Mia’s and Adam’s characters. This book definitely had a bigger impact on me rather than If I Stay, and I’m glad this doesn’t suffer from second book syndrome, unlike many other sequels out there.


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