A Book Review: Library of Souls


I’m about to give Library of Souls a 3 STARS but when the story enfolds at the latter part of the novel I suddenly changed my mind and be generous enough to give it a 4 STARS. The reason I gave it a 4 AWESOME STARS not 5 is because I am looking for some characters that promised their comeback on the story. Like those Gypsies especially Bekhir in which Jacob, Emma, and Addison have encountered along their way.

Quoting from the Hollow City:

I know a shortcut,” Bekhir said, and he drew a simple map in the dirt with his shoe. We thanked the Gypsies. I told Bekhir we were sorry we’d caused them so much trouble, and he unleashed a big, booming laugh and waved us on down the path. “We’ll meet again, syndrigasti,” he said. “I’m certain of it.”

Since the last part of the Hollow City focused on Caul taking hostage of Emma and Jacob, I thought that these characters I’m looking for will be in the Library of Souls. But it turns out that the other peculiars–not in Jacob’s circle of friends–were not included on their battle against Caul at the Abaton.

So, yeah, I was kinda disappointed for the characters who don’t get much exposure on this book. Nonetheless, I’m in great admiration on the ending. It was very millenial, I think.


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