A Book Review: I’ll Give You The Sun


Since I’ll Give You The Sun is told from the alternating perspectives of twins Noah and Jude. I felt like I was drawn to Noah’s struggling-in-life-kind-of-narration throughout the story. However, that didn’t change the course of the story for me. I think the significance of telling the story in alternating perspectives is the point that since we all have our own opinions and views on a particular matter , just like Noah and Jude, it is always important to see things differently. That we need to see both sides of the coin. Maybe I liked Noah’s narration because he has this ‘Invisible Museum’ on his mind. Or maybe you liked Jude’s narration because she had her grandma’s bible where she got all those beliefs from her. It’s the twins differences and narration that made this novel a grand story to share.

Quoting this line from the book where Noah said that “If Mom died, the sun would go out.” When you’re done reading this book you’ll get to conclude that the ‘sun’ for Noah and Jude means everything. And that ‘everything’ taught me something and that is to understand love, identity struggles, loss, betrayal, and the complications of family, even deeper.


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