A Book Review: Carry On

Carry On

Hoping that this book will have a sequel.
As soon as possible.

Two things I loved about this book:
1. It has a PLOT.
2. So much kissing and kissing and kissing.

Carry On puts me in such a wonderful mood and let me tell you that, even if the romance takes time to appear, when it does, it’s hard not to notice it.

As in, you will love Simon & Baz.

I’m going to die reading this book over and over again. Aleister Crowley, I’m living a charmed life.


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A Book Review: I’ll Give You The Sun


Since I’ll Give You The Sun is told from the alternating perspectives of twins Noah and Jude. I felt like I was drawn to Noah’s struggling-in-life-kind-of-narration throughout the story. However, that didn’t change the course of the story for me. I think the significance of telling the story in alternating perspectives is the point that since we all have our own opinions and views on a particular matter , just like Noah and Jude, it is always important to see things differently. That we need to see both sides of the coin. Maybe I liked Noah’s narration because he has this ‘Invisible Museum’ on his mind. Or maybe you liked Jude’s narration because she had her grandma’s bible where she got all those beliefs from her. It’s the twins differences and narration that made this novel a grand story to share.

Quoting this line from the book where Noah said that “If Mom died, the sun would go out.” When you’re done reading this book you’ll get to conclude that the ‘sun’ for Noah and Jude means everything. And that ‘everything’ taught me something and that is to understand love, identity struggles, loss, betrayal, and the complications of family, even deeper.


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A Book Review: Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe


Just like what Ari wrote on his journal, I am also listing down all the things I have admired from this book. So, here I go.

These are the things I loved most about Ari and Dante and also to their parents. Also to Ari’s dog, Legs. Okay, things I loved most about this beautifully-written, awesome, lovely book. (In particular order this time)

•I loved it when they had arguments about small things. Like when they argued about the game they played at the street where they needed to use the tape measure. It talks about the importance of rules. The way they do it is so natural. Benjamin Alire Saenz knows how to talk like a teenager of the year 1987. Not to say that he’s that old.
•Ari and Dante both love dogs. The heart they have for animals. That’s why.
•Ari’s a loner. I see myself in him, sometimes.
•I’m inlove with the way Ari screamed Dante’s name to death just to find him lost somewhere in one of his dreams.
•Those moments when Ari and Dante repeat each other’s word. It’s their way of flirting, I guess.
•How much do you love your parents most especially at times when they read you stories and poems before bedtime? A lot, right. Well, you must love Dante.
•Mark into Kram which doesn’t make sense. Aristotle anagrams his own nickname and make something out of it. A metaphor.
•I adored Ari’s bravery. He doesn’t mind looking ‘shit’ because of what he did for Dante. A lot of ‘shit’ from Ari coming.
•Just see the last three sentences on page 150 and the first sentence on page 151. I’m telling you now. See for yourself and you’ll definitely go crimson.
•Did I just mention all “the things I loved”? Okay, I like it when Ari say something like bad and her mom would tell him to watch his language. So, here I am. SCREW YOU, ARI! (see page 164 why)
•Brace yourselves for Ileana Tellez. No, I mean cast yourselves.
•“I think we need to do something about rules. I’m not going to tell you that I miss you anymore.” This line actually hits me. It really pains me to read this particular line. Agree? But I loved it anyway. Tell me I’m not a masochist.
•Naked teenagers on the desert with only their tennis shoes with them while running in the rain.
•#LoveWins for Ari’s aunt Ophelia and Franny.

“It didn’t matter to you that she lived with Franny?” Ari said.
“To some people it mattered,” Ari’s dad said.

Though, his dad didn’t answer it directly. The point is don’t let anyone you don’t know tell you something bad that might only frustrate you. Just listen to those people who loved you and that is your family.

•Loving what Ari said, “The summer was not meant for boys like me. Boys like me belonged to the rain.” I should be out there all the days of June, July, August, and September to dance in the rain. I know Philippine climate very well.
•I loved Ari’s father, Mr. Santiago Mendoza. The way he talked to Ari while drinking beers. I don’t know if it’s him who’s talking or the beer.
•Sometimes we do things we love not knowing that it actually hurts us also. (see pages 339 and 340)

The characters in this book will live inside my heart forever. This perfectly-woven story captured my emotions –how to love people and be loved in return. We sometimes overlook the love we received from our parents just like Ari and Dante. Little do they know, as the day passes by, they get to figure how much their parents loved them. Don’t we all wish we had parents like theirs?


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A Book Review: You Know Me Well

You Know

There were moments I was shouting alone in between reading because I’m elated to read some of the funny lines. Also, excited for Mark and Ryan to figure things out for themselves. But whenever Mark’s narration come to an end without getting the answer from Ryan –Kate’s part pops out to tell her own love story with Violet which is absolutely confusing in so many levels– it actually leaves me hanging.

With that I lost interest with the characters’ pursuit of love. I think that even without Kate’s narrations the story will be much more better than it was. Nonetheless, I enjoyed You Know Me Well. But not that much.


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A Book Review: Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda


Seriously, I don’t just digest the whole story; I inhaled every chapter of this book. This, I thought was the book I’ve longed to be published and see it on book stores and finally read it and now I cannot believe myself that I finished this for about two and a half days (not to mention all the schoolwork I’m currently doing.)

The plot and the organization of this book is great. The writing is easy to read and at times, I just couldn’t put the book down. It’s full of suspense that I couldn’t guess until it is reveal in the end. I really like the emails between Simon and Blue. Blue is super sweet. I wish there’s more of him in the story. I like reading his emails but I can’t recall if he shows up in the story that much. I like following Simon’s train of thoughts too, especially at the end. It’s really cute!

This is probably my second best favorite book (next to TFIOS) because I certainly felt like I’m reading the kind of journey-to-love-story I wanted to have written by this amazing author named Becky Albertalli. This book deserves all the stars from the universe, five stars isn’t enough but unfortunately goodreads cannot handle more than that.


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A Book Review: A Monster Calls


A transcendent work of fantasy. A profound work of literature. A heartbreaking, transformative feat of storytelling. All fiction should aspire to be as effective as this simple but powerful novel.

I don’t mean to brag but I read A Monster Calls in six hours and I am still extremely emotional until now. I really have to admit that I cried at the end of this book. A Monster Calls will drag all your saddest memories and pains. I would recommend this book with all of my heart to anyone and everyone.


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A Book Review: Library of Souls


I’m about to give Library of Souls a 3 STARS but when the story enfolds at the latter part of the novel I suddenly changed my mind and be generous enough to give it a 4 STARS. The reason I gave it a 4 AWESOME STARS not 5 is because I am looking for some characters that promised their comeback on the story. Like those Gypsies especially Bekhir in which Jacob, Emma, and Addison have encountered along their way.

Quoting from the Hollow City:

I know a shortcut,” Bekhir said, and he drew a simple map in the dirt with his shoe. We thanked the Gypsies. I told Bekhir we were sorry we’d caused them so much trouble, and he unleashed a big, booming laugh and waved us on down the path. “We’ll meet again, syndrigasti,” he said. “I’m certain of it.”

Since the last part of the Hollow City focused on Caul taking hostage of Emma and Jacob, I thought that these characters I’m looking for will be in the Library of Souls. But it turns out that the other peculiars–not in Jacob’s circle of friends–were not included on their battle against Caul at the Abaton.

So, yeah, I was kinda disappointed for the characters who don’t get much exposure on this book. Nonetheless, I’m in great admiration on the ending. It was very millenial, I think.


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